Immediate Dentures

What is a Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are dentures that can be placed immediately after tooth extraction. Following the removal or loss of their natural teeth, patients typically have to wait about six to eight weeks for the gums to heal before they can get traditional dentures. On the other hand, immediate dentures allow patients to skip that waiting period and instantly restore their smiles.

Immediate dentures are removable and designed to be worn until the permanent dentures are ready. They can be made from acrylic or metal and are easy to care for and maintain. At Summit Denture Clinic, we custom-design immediate dentures to perfectly fit the patient’s mouth and ensure they feel comfortable and look natural.

How Are Immediate Dentures Made?

Immediate dentures are made in advance using impressions of your mouth. We use the impressions to manufacture your dentures and have them ready by the time you have your extraction appointment so that they can be fitted right away.

Immediate dentures protect the gums during the healing period following your extraction and minimize bleeding. They are held in place by suction. As the gums heal, you may have to come in to have your immediate dentures realigned and adjusted.

What Are Immediate Dentures Used For?

Immediate dentures are designed to allow patients to instantly restore their smiles and oral functions following tooth extraction and to protect the gums and mouth as they heal.

Immediate dentures provide many benefits, including:

  • Speed up the recovery process
  • Reduce the risk of gum and bone shrinkage
  • Restore the patient’s ability to chew and speak normally
  • Restore the patient’s smile
Immediate Denture – Video

The Benefits of Immediate Dentures

One of the biggest benefits of immediate dentures is that they help patients regain their smiles and their ability to eat and speak normally right after the removal of their natural teeth. This prevents them from going through the hassles and embarrassment associated with missing teeth.

Since these dentures are placed immediately, the patient does not have to go through the process of waiting for the gums to heal before having their dentures placed.

Immediate dentures also help support the facial structure and keep the facial muscles from sagging. This helps patients maintain a more youthful appearance.