We Reline Dentures

We Reline Dentures

While your natural teeth are firmly anchored in your jawbone, dentures simply rest on the gums. Over time, the shape of the bone and gums change which will affect the fit of your denture. If left unaddressed, it can result in tissue discomfort, as well as difficulty with activities such as speaking and eating.

Improper denture care and cleaning can also lead to denture issues.

For these reasons it is important to have your dentures evaluated and refitted with a reline every 2 years to ensure the optimal fit thereby prolonging the life of your denture.

Denture Reline

Eat Confidently

We take pride in fully restoring your ability to chew, speak and regain confidence in your appearance.

Denture Natural Wear and Tear

Dentures are usually made out of acrylic, porcelain or a hard plastic polymer. Natural wear and tear from the biting forces can cause the denture itself to wear, both on the biting surface area and on the underside or tissue-bearing areas. An ill-fitting or damaged denture may rub against your gums and cause inflammation reducing your enjoyment of the simple pleasures in life.

Therefore your denture will require an update of the fit. Our denturist will need to take an impression of your mouth before relining your denture to ensure a tight fit. Relining a denture adds a new base for the tighter fit but does not change the appearance, teeth or teeth wear.

Relines are required when tissue changes come about from resorption of the oral tissues. This can be due to:

  • Weight loss
  • Loss of teeth
  • Bone or tissue loss
  • Disease or illness

Complications of Ill-fitting Dentures

Some potential complications of an ill-fitting denture include:

  • Ulcerations
  • Irritation
  • Tissue overgrowth
  • Fungal infections

Dentures that fit unevenly may also trap food and plaque. All of these problems can make dentures uncomfortable and difficult to use.

Benefits of Regular Denture Checkups

Regular checkups allow for timely adjustments to your dentures and evaluations of the hard and soft tissues of your oral cavity.

We suggest that you make an appointment with us if you notice any changes in your mouth. Our denturist will know if your dentures need relining or adjustment.

Denture Reline – Video

Experience renewed comfort and functionality with our precise denture relines, ensuring your dentures fit snugly and provide optimal support. Rediscover confidence in your smile with our expert care.

We take pride in restoring your ability to chew, speak and regain confidence in your appearance.