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At Summit Denture Clinic

Ajay Vig

Ajay Vig

Registered Denturist

Ajay Vig is an Abbotsford Denturist who truly enjoys working with people. Well-made dentures can be life-changing. Dentures restore smiles, confidence, and the ability to properly chew again after tooth loss. Ajay began his dental career in 2008. This change in vocation sparked a passion within him, creating a desire to return to school to fulfill his need for helping people in a new capacity as a denturist. Ajay enjoys working with his hands.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, he crafts detailed, fine dental appliances. Each piece is unique and prepared to the exact specifications of each individual client. Ajay’s work results in beautiful smiles and happy clients. His warm, caring nature will quickly set you at ease and have you smiling in no time!

Summit Denture Team Member Tiffinay


Receptionist / Dental Assistant

Tiffany has always been intrigued with dentistry likely due to all of the various dental treatments she has had as a child from cleanings to fillings, orthodontics, and jaw surgery. Having seen so many people around her nervous and fearful around dentistry and having one very special assistant who always put them at ease, Tiffany was inspired to one day join dentistry.

She started her official dental career in 2005 becoming a Certified Dental Assistant. She has assisted for several years helping to care for patients and ease their concerns. She has always made a point to work for patient-centered dentists and that is why making the transition to Summit Denture Clinic was so smooth. Ajay’s dedication to his patient’s comfort and quality of life and giving people their smiles back are what drew Tiffany to Summit for the next chapter in her dental journey.