What is a Complete Denture?

What is a Complete Denture?

A complete denture is a dental appliance that is fabricated when you no longer have any natural teeth remaining on the upper and/or lower jaw. It is a custom-made removable appliance made up of artificial teeth mounted on a gum-coloured plate (or base) that fits over your gums.

A denture is designed to fit securely in your mouth to replace all your missing natural teeth providing functional and aesthetic benefits for chewing, speaking, and smiling.

How Does a Denture Fit?

Complete dentures are custom-made to fit the shape of your mouth. We will take impressions (a 3D digital scan or moulds) of your gums and jaw, and then use these to create a denture that matches the size and contours of your mouth. The fit is designed to be snug, relying on the natural suction between the denture and your gums and bones.

Your new denture may feel a bit strange initially, but your mouth will adapt over time.

Will My Denture Look Natural?

Modern dentures are designed to suit your facial structure and look as natural as possible. We will work together with you to craft a set of artificial teeth to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. We can also match the size, shape, and colour of your original teeth if that’s your preference.

If you had a space between your teeth or a distinctive shape of a tooth that you’d like in your denture, we encourage you to bring us a photo and we’ll do our best to mimic your unique smile!

How can I eat?

Eating with dentures will take some practice. Initially, we recommended that you start with soft foods and gradually introduce harder items.

Chewing evenly on both sides of your mouth is key, it will help stabilize the denture and prevent it from rocking while you are eating.

While chewing may differ from the sensation you experienced with natural teeth, you will gradually adapt and acquire techniques to eat more easily over time.

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Benefits of Complete Dentures:

  • Improved Appearance: A complete denture will replace missing teeth, enhancing your smile and facial appearance. It is designed to look natural and match your unique features.
  • Restored Chewing Ability: Dentures expand your food choices, improving your ability to chew and enjoy meals. While it will take some practice, you can regain functionality in your bite.
  • Speech Improvement: Missing teeth can affect your speech. A complete denture helps in pronouncing words more clearly, preventing speech difficulties caused by tooth loss.
  • Boosted Confidence: Having a full set of teeth can boost your self-esteem and confidence. You can smile, talk, and eat without feeling self-conscious about missing teeth.
  • Support for Facial Muscles: Teeth provide support for facial muscles. With dentures, you can maintain proper facial structure, preventing the sagging, drooping or deep lines around the mouth that may occur due to missing teeth.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Complete dentures are a relatively cost-effective way to replace multiple missing teeth compared to some other dental treatments.
  • Customized Fit: Dentures are individually crafted to suit your mouth’s unique shape and size, providing a tailored fit for better functionality.

In short, the best reason for a complete denture is to restore your ability to chew, speak, and smile confidently by replacing all your missing natural teeth. It will improve your overall oral function and enhance your appearance, contributing to a better quality of life.

Remember, getting used to new dentures can take some time, and adjustments may be needed as your mouth adjusts to the changes. Regular denture check-ups at Summit Denture Clinic are important to ensure that your dentures continue to fit well and for us to assist you with any issues that may arise.