At Summit Denture Clinic, we use digital impressions that are taken using special equipment instead of traditional putty impressions. The major difference between a digital impression and a traditional one is that the digital impression is taken using an intraoral camera. 

This eliminates the need for messy, uncomfortable impression trays and ensures more accurate and precise measurements. Based on these measurements, we can design and manufacture dentures that fit naturally and comfortably.

When Is a Digital Impression Used?

Digital impressions are used instead of traditional ones because of the many advantages they offer. The process of taking digital impressions is more comfortable for patients and their accuracy ensures a better fit for their appliances.  

At Summit Denture Clinic, we use digital impressions to make models for a variety of dental appliances. Custom dentures, mouth guards, night guards, and aligners can all be made based on impressions taken using digital scanners. 

How Are Digital Impressions Taken?

A digital impression is taken using specialized hardware and software that capture images of your mouth and create a replica of your teeth and gums. The replica is then used to create a digital model of your mouth that is used by our denturist to design your dental prosthesis.

The Benefits of Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions Are More Comfortable

Digital impressions are much more comfortable for patients. Traditional impression materials stick to the teeth and gums and can cause discomfort. Digital impressions are taken using a digital scanner, without using any messy putty, and sent directly to the 3D printing machine. 

Digital Impressions Are More Accurate

Digital impressions are more accurate than traditional impressions. This means that your appliance’s fit will be more comfortable and natural and less likely to require adjustments.

Digital Impressions Are Quicker 

Before, denturists would take impressions by using a special putty or paste and metal or plastic trays. They would have to wait for the material to harden to capture the impression before sending it to the laboratory where the restoration would be manufactured.

Using digital technology, our denturist can take impressions instantly and easily transfer them digitally as needed. This reduces the time it takes patients to receive their custom appliances and ensures more precise measurements and a better fit. 

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Affordable Dental Care

If you currently have missing teeth or have been told that you are in need of extractions, contact our office today to schedule an appointment. We offer complimentary consultations to all of our potential patients and would be happy to discuss the benefits of dentures with you.

At our practice, we offer affordable dentures to replace missing teeth. Whether you’ve lost one tooth or all of your teeth, our practice can provide you with the care and services you need. We can work with your insurance to make sure that you get the treatment you need at a reasonable price. To learn more about your options and what our practice offers, schedule a consultation with us today. We’d be happy to talk with you about your needs and how we can provide you with the care you deserve!

  • We offer multiple treatment options based on your affordability
  • We place our patients first, and we work to ensure quality denture care at an affordable price
  • We are always upfront and honest in our dealings; we never hide fees anywhere

Book Your Free Consultation

At Summit Denture Clinic, we offer a highly customized plan that helps you get your natural smile back. Our dental team will assess your oral health and smile and come up with an individualized plan to address your specific needs.

Dental Examination

Our denturist will assess the health of your teeth and gums and review your medical history to ensure any underlying medical conditions are not preventing you from safely wearing a set of new dentures.

Fabrication of Dentures

Our denturist will carefully design a model of your denture based on precise measurements to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Fitting the Dentures

Once your dentures are ready, you will return to our practice for your final fitting. We will make any adjustments as needed to make sure you are happy with your new smile. With proper care and regular checkups, your new dentures can last for many years.

Caring for the Dentures

If you take good care of your dentures as well as brush your gums and tongue twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush, your dentures should last for many years.

Restore Your Natural Smile

Our practice offers both complete and partial dentures, depending on your needs. Complete dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some of the natural teeth are still present. If you need more information about dentures, please call us to schedule a consultation.


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