Model of complete denture

Immediate Dentures

It is reasonable to understand that losing your teeth and having false teeth is a very traumatic event. Working as a team, in your best interest, a denturist and a dentist can provide you with the option of dentures at the time of extractions if deemed suitable on a case by case bases.

Immediate dentures are dentures that are fabricated prior to your teeth being removed and set in place by the dental surgeon immediately after the surgical removal of your remaining teeth.


Accurate and comprehensive procedures for immediate dentures:

  • Consultation
  • Impressions and diagnostic measurements
  • Select tooth size, shape and colour and esthetics considerations
  • Surgical appointment at dentist and immediate placement of dentures
  • Follow up adjustments at denturist
  • Temporary liner/ tissue conditioners/ filler applied as gums shrink
  • 6-12 months final rebase for fit and removal of the temporary liner


Benefits for treatment with immediate dentures:

  • Will not be without teeth/smile
  • Controls swelling and allow healing to progress
  • Helps protect the healing tissues from food debris/irritation
  • Keeps blood clots intact during healing
  • Residual bone remodelling inside the denture to fit
  • Able to start eating soft food


Drawbacks for treatment with immediate dentures:

  • No opportunity to complete a wax try-in: no chance to see teeth in your mouth before processing denture
  • No confirmation of the bite and/or jaw relationship spacing
  • Tooth sized reduced
  • More pink shows during smile
  • Thinner denture base
  • Follow up adjustments

Healing Process

During the healing process after the extractions, the gums and the jaw bone undergoes changes. These changes will vary depending on your health factors such as diabetes, your immune system, medications, nutrition, age and oral condition prior to extractions. These factors affect the length of time of healing and may vary considerably.

Immediate dentures are considered a transitional denture. This means that as the tissues shrink more space between the top and bottom jaw occurs (jaw relationship spacing) and therefore material must be added to the tissue side making a larger pink base. The ideal treatment after immediate dentures is to construct a new set where the client can approve aesthetics/look before final denture construction.

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