Complete dentures on the bench matching teeth colours

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are dental prosthesis that replaces all-natural teeth and bone loss on both the upper and lower jaw.

A Denturist fabricates a complete set of dentures following a set of clinical and laboratory procedures. Within a client’s treatment plan there are six clinical appointments and four laboratory stages. Sometimes certain appointments and stages may be combined to meet the specific requirements of the client. Expect all steps to take between four to six weeks to complete the denture and two to five follow-up appointments for adjustments for proper fitting of the denture.

Steps To Create A Denture

The appointments are listed below with a short description:

First Appointment (30mins)

Client Information and Preliminary Impression

  • Clinical: Meet client, assessment and needs. Medical/Dental history. Treatment plan. Preliminary impressions.
  • Laboratory: Produce models from preliminary impressions. Fabricate custom individualized final impression trays.

Second Appointment (30mins)

Final impressions

  • Clinical: Highly accurate impression taken
  • Laboratory: Produce working models. Fabricate wax bite rims for recording client bite

Third Appointment (1 hour)

Bite registration

  • Clinical: Wax bite rims adjusted for client bite. Anatomical lines recorded. Shade and tooth selection.
  • Laboratory: Mounting of models on to device. Teeth set in wax for try-in

Fourth Appointment (15-30mins)

Denture Try-in

  • Clinical: Wax dentures tried in client’s mouth and approved by client and Denturist.
  • Laboratory: Process denture into acrylic

Fifth Appointment (30mins)

Denture insertion

  • Clinical: Denture presented to client. Client education including denture care

Sixth Appointment (15mins)

After care denture insertion adjustments

  • Clinical: Client returns to address small adjustments for optimal fit

Denture Costs and Warranty

Denture fees are determined using the Denturists fee guide. Material changes and procedures have an effect on the fees determined for the service and treatment however, only high-quality materials are used to provide the client with optimal treatment.

The life of dentures can vary and warranty on new sets is to be expected. With the use of high-quality materials, we are certain that the new denture will fit and look good. If you have any issues or are not satisfied please contact us.

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