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Denture Services

We Make a Full Range of Dentures

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Complete/full dentures are a set of upper and lower dentures that normally take between 4-6 weeks to create.

Complete Dentures


If you have only a couple teeth missing or in need of replacement, and the rest of your teeth are healthy, then a partial denture is ideal.

Partial Dentures


Immediate dentures is a method of preparing a complete denture to be ready for use immediately on the removal of your teeth.

Immediate Dentures


In this procedure a dental implant is inserted in order to secure the denture in place, this avoids any possible slippage.

Implant Retained Dentures


A denture is single or set of replacement teeth (or tooth). They are custom-made and unique for an individual’s needs. Everyone’s circumstances are different as are their denture needs. We create each denture from detailed moulds of a client’s mouth. Then we make manual adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.

Dentures Help Protect Your Health

Being without teeth is a form of disability, and can be harmful both to physical health and mental well-being (self-esteem and confidence). Clients that cannot chew their food often have nutrition issues. Missing teeth adversely affects a person’s food choices and willingness to interact socially. Being self-conscious of missing teeth causes people to hide their smiles or hide their unappealing dentures.

Dentures Improve People’s Lives

From a Denturist point of view, being able to restore someone’s eating abilities and let them smile again, is what makes their job very satisfying.

Denture Costs and Warranty

Denture fees are determined using the Denturists fee guide. Working from a mould of your jaw and existing teeth, we create a custom denture to exactly fit your needs.

Material costs and procedures have an effect on the fees determined for the service and treatment. Summit Denture Clinic uses only high-quality materials to provide the client with optimal treatment.

The life of a denture can vary and a warranty on new sets is to be expected. With the use of high-quality materials, we are certain that the new denture will fit and look good for many years. If you have any issues or are not satisfied please contact us.

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