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Denture Care During Easter

Easter is a Christian holiday that is observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox. However, the holiday is also celebrated with Easter egg hunts, Easter parades, and Easter feasts.

Why Take Special Care of Dentures During Easter?

Because it’s fun! But not for your teeth. The treats that are enjoyed this time of year may be delicious, but they can do damage to your mouth if you’re not careful. Think twice before you indulge in your favorites. Even small candies and treats can cause cavities and gum disease if eaten in excess.

Sticky candy can get stuck in your dentures and cause all sorts of issues, from bad breath to fungal infections. Hard candy can also cause damage by breaking or chipping your false teeth. It’s best to be diligent about cleaning your dentures after enjoying any sweet snacks. A quick rinse is ideal, but you should also have them checked by the dentist regularly to make sure they fit properly, and you’re having minimal pain.

While many people associate Easter eggs with candy, the holiday also has religious roots, which can affect what foods you eat and drink. Many families celebrate Easter Sunday with a traditional ham dinner. Unfortunately, the vinegar in this recipe can weaken your dentures and create stains or yellowing. Ham can also make those wearing dentures feel more sensitive to pressure. If your family has the tradition of eating glazed ham, consider removing your dentures before enjoying this meal. If you are wearing a partial denture, remove the false tooth so that the porcelain doesn’t stain from the glaze.

What Foods Should I Avoid with Dentures?

Eating hard, sticky, or crunchy foods could damage your dentures. These foods can also interfere with denture adhesives and may make the dentures feel loose. Avoid nuts, seeds, popcorn, caramels, gummy candies, and ice cubes. You should also stay away from extremely hard foods like steak or raw carrots. Some patients find that chewing on one side of their mouth is easier than the other side and causes less irritation. If so, then feel free to chew only on the softer side.

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