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Dealing With Ill-Fitting Dentures

Dentures are false teeth that are used to replace missing teeth. A denture both improves chewing ability and restores the appearance of your smile. It restores the appearance of your smile and is designed to look as natural as possible.

When dentures aren’t fitted properly, they can become loose or slip out of place while you eat. Our denturist in Mission, Canada, may recommend that you try a new denture adhesive to solve the problem. Typically, the fit of dentures can be adjusted by the denturist in V0M using small adjustments over time. However, in some cases, our denturist in V0M 1H0 may recommend having a new set made if your dentures are several years old or if they were never a perfect fit, to begin with.

Choosing Denture Adhesive

Adhesives can help hold your dentures in place, making them more comfortable and less likely to slip out of place while eating or talking. You may find that the best one for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

The best way to find the right type of adhesive for your needs is by speaking with your denturist in V2V about your options and what would work best for you. Some options include traditional types of adhesives like pastes and powders that you can apply to your gums before putting your dentures in. Others include strips that stick to your dentures and hold them together throughout the night while you sleep. You may also find options that come in liquid form that you place directly on your dentures to help them stay in place throughout the day.

Replacing Ill-fitting Dentures

If you’ve noticed that your dentures aren’t fitting as securely as they used to, then it might be time to consider replacing them. Ill-fitted dentures make it more difficult to eat and speak, and they also make your face sag and look older. Your mouth can also become irritated if the dentures are rubbing against it or if they’re too big for your mouth. In this case, our denturist in V2V 0A2 offers several replacement options, depending on your needs and budget.

If your dentures are still in good condition but they’re just uncomfortable, you can look into getting new denture adhesives. Some patients find that they can switch to a different type of adhesive that helps them feel a lot more comfortable. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding what works for you and making the appropriate changes.

If you have severe wear on your teeth and the gums have receded so much that there isn’t enough bone left to place the dentures properly, then the best option is to replace all of the teeth with dental implants. This will create a stable foundation for your new set of dentures to sit on, so you won’t have any issues with them slipping out of place.

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