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What To Expect From An Immediate Dentures Procedure

Immediate dentures are temporary replacements for full arch teeth that are placed the same day as your teeth are removed. They are typically made from acrylic but can be made from metal or flexible plastic. These teeth are not meant to be worn long-term. The denturist in Aldergrove will advise you about how long to wear them and how to care for your gums before creating your permanent prosthesis.

Our denturist in Canada uses immediate dentures to replace missing teeth while the patient’s jaw heals from the tooth extraction procedure. Your gum tissue will be swollen and sensitive after the extractions, and the immediate denture will help protect the tender gums during this healing period. These dentures are usually considered temporary solution because they are easily removable. Patients often find that their gums are too sensitive to wear their complete denture appliance right away, so immediate dentures are often the first step in the replacement process. This allows patients to adjust to the new device and give their gums time to heal.

After the procedure, the denturist in V2Z 1J5 will schedule follow-up appointments to ensure that your mouth is healing properly and that the denture is not causing abrasions to your gums. Once these are completed and the gums have healed, your denturist in V4W will move on to the fabrication of your complete denture.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are a benefit to those who suffer from tooth loss or severe decay and cannot wait for traditional denture procedures. They are provided to the patient on the same day of their extractions, allowing you to leave the dental office with a complete smile.

After you have lost your teeth, you will begin to lose bone density in your jaw as well. By getting an immediate denture from our denturist in V4W 0A4, you can begin to move your jaw again and restore bone density in your jaw. This will prevent further deterioration of the structure and appearance of your face over time.

If you are suffering any discomfort after tooth loss, such as pain or difficulty eating, our denturist in 0A1 makes use of immediate dentures to relieve these symptoms immediately. With a set of complete teeth in place, your mouth will be able to work as it was designed to, and you can return to your normal activities without the pain and discomfort of missing teeth.

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