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Importance Of Denture Repair

A denture is a removable dental prosthetic used to replace missing teeth. It comprises artificial teeth set into a gum-colored base made of plastic resin or porcelain. At Summit Denture Clinic, this dental appliance is custom created to fit snugly over the gums and jawbone. Dentures can help restore your smile’s function and improve its appearance at the same time.

It is important to remember that no denture will last forever. Over time, your mouth will change shape, and your denture may become ill-fitting, so you must have it adjusted at our denturist’s office every few years. Additionally, you must discuss with your denturist whether you need a new denture or if repairs can be made to the existing one. During your appointments, our denturist will examine the fit and condition of your current denture and make recommendations accordingly.

Causes of Denture Damage

Several things can damage dentures, including natural wear and tear and accidental injuries. Cracks can occur from accidentally dropping them on a hard surface or overusing them. They can also crack because of teeth shifting and changing positions over time. The shape of your jaw can also change slightly over time, affecting your dentures. Avoiding certain foods can help prevent damage to your dentures. Hard foods can chip away at the edges of dentures, while sticky foods and candy can get trapped and cause stains. Because the mouth is moist, cleaning your dentures properly daily is essential. If food is left on the dentures overnight, bacteria can grow and produce a surprising amount of force against your dentures during cleaning. This can lead to cracks or damage inside the appliance. If your dentures are damaged, visit your local denturist immediately. A broken denture should be repaired immediately to prevent sores in the mouth and infections. Never try to fix a broken or damaged denture on your own, as this can lead to further problems. Always let your denturist handle any needed repairs to your dentures.

The Benefits of Denture Repair

Firstly, repairing your dentures ensures that they fit correctly once more. They can become loose or even painful if you’ve lost or gained significant weight since getting them made. Getting them adjusted can restore proper fit and function.

If you’ve had issues with teeth shifting or breaking with your dentures, getting them repaired can help prevent them from happening again. If you struggle with chronic mouth pain or discomfort, you should make an appointment with your denturist to discuss repairs. Your denturist will be able to determine the cause of your problems and make appropriate adjustments to your dentures to get your comfort back.

If your dentures experience any damage, contact Summit Denture Clinic at 130 – 2881 Garden Street, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4X1, or call (604) 776-2881 to get them repaired immediately. Please do so to avoid further degradation and the need for new dentures altogether.

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